The Truffle Cash Grand Referral Program Guidelines

  1. Only new Talents that have never signed up and/or have never registered as a User for TruffleLive previously will be eligible to be counted as referrals.


  1. You must be 18 years or older, or to have a valid, written parental permission before they can redeem funds received from commissions.


  1. You need to provide  TruffleLive with a valid payment method that redeemed funds may be sent to PayPal account or PumaPay E-wallet.


  1. Commissions will be given whenever a talent withdraws their funds. The rates for commissions are as follows:
  1. Bracket No.1

 Up to 2,500 Truffles – the commission shall be 5%

  1. Bracket No.2

2,501 Truffles – 7,500 Truffles – the commission shall be   6%

  1. Bracket No.3

7,501 Truffles – 12,500 Truffles – the commission shall be  7%

  1. Bracket No.4

12,501 Truffles – 25,000 Truffles – the commission shall be   8%

  1. Bracket No.5

25,001 Truffles – 50,000 Truffles – the commission shall be  9% 

  1. Bracket No.6

50,001 Truffles and above   – the commission shall be 10%


Please note: All the rates presented above are progressive.


Commission Fee. A charge of 3% commission will be applied over the total amounts that are transferred to each referring user.   The amounts to be accumulated via the Truffle Cash Grand Referral Program are redeemed according to each user lever and Rev. Share.


By a way of illustration:


Total of 217.4 Truffles, minus transaction Fee of 3% = 210. 87 Truffles


  1. You will receive their commission in the form of Truffles which represent a percentage of the Truffles that the talent redemption before the commission percentage  is applied.


  1. You will only receive a commission for Truffles your referrals redeem. Truffles the talent gained and used in different ways will not generate a commission.


  1. Only NEW users are eligible to be referred. The final decision in regards to the eligibility of a referred user, who becomes TruffleLive User, will be at the sole discretion of TruffleLive.


  1. TruffleLive reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit eligibility to participate in this Referral Program for any reason whatsoever.


  1. Any Talent who commits fraud, violates TruffleLive’s acceptable usage policy or whose account is terminated shall be disqualified from this Referral Program and will not be entitled to receive any commission bonuses.


  1. TruffleLive is entitled to amend these rules at its sole discretion and/or cancel this Referral Program at any time and for any reason and you agree that you shall not be entitled to any compensation in such cases.


  1. TruffleLive reserves the right to revoke awarded commissions in the event that it discovers a system error and/or illegitimate actions.
  1. A referral can only happen automatically through the unique links generated within the TruffleLive app for each user.


  1. If you believe another user was referred by you, but they did not use a link you supplied to them, you may ask them to confirm you are their referrer by entering your referral code by going to ‘More’ tab à Refer a Talent. A talent may only list another user as their referrer once, and only within three days of the referred user signing up.


  1.   You may not use false information to convince people to sign up to TruffleLive through your link.


  1. You may not engage in direct email marketing or spam using TruffleLive’s branding or links.


  1. Due to privacy issues, we will not expose the identities of your referrals to you.


  1. If you turned off the option to receive Truffles through the program, you will not receive any Truffles from referrals for as long as the option remains turned off. If you choose to turn it back on, you will receive Truffles from redemptions that occurred only after you’ve turned it on.


  1. TruffleLive retains the rights to change these terms at any time without notice. For full terms of the Truffle Cash Grand Referral Program, please read TruffleLive’s terms and conditions


  1. In any case of discrepancy and/or conflict between the provisions of the present Truffle Cash Grand Referral Program Guidelines and TruffleLive’s Terms of Use Agreement, then the provisions of the TruffleLive’s Terms of Use Agreement shall prevail.