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Your Possibilities Are Endless


Let your talent shine! Monetize your skills while streaming live, uploading awesome content and chatting with your fans.

In-app Stream

On TruffleLive you can stream the things you care about while incredible fans tips and gift you with Truffles, our in-app currency that can be exchanged for real cash!

Live In 3… 2… 1...

Streaming on TruffleLive is easy. With just a quick set up - Voila! You’re streaming!

Customizable Tools

Create your most successful streams with advanced viewer engagement tools. From customizable bots to Activity wheels, we’ve put the power in your hands.

Recorded Videos

Record your streams for later viewing, so your fans can tip you with Truffles, even when you’re offline.

Share and Grow

Share your TruffleLive streams with fans on other social platforms so they can support your creativity with Truffles, that can actually pay your bills!

Remote Stream

Share your TruffleLive streams with fans on other social platforms so they can support your creativity with Truffles, that can actually pay your bills!


Capture and report on breaking news from your own professional camera.


Stream your gameplay from your personal computer and home gaming consoles.


Broadcast from live sporting events so you can share all the action.

Truly Anything

With screen capture and split camera, you can stream anything you like, better than ever!

Upload Videos

TruffleLive lets you upload the videos you’ve already created, so you can get rewarded for them.

Make More Than Likes

Videos that did well on other social networks are likely to do well on TruffleLive too, except with us, your popular creations make Truffles, which are worth more than a thumbs up.

Control Your Content

TruffleLive offers a suite of talent tools that allow you to manage viewer analytics and stats. Track your earnings, set your preferred gifts, and moderate your Fan Group, all from your personal profile.

Monetize Your Chats

Customize your chats and groups with one of a kind monetization features that put you in control.

Premium Chat

Create pay-per-message or time-based chats for paid sessions with your fans.

Premium Groups and Channels

Charge fans for access to your advice, ideas, and special content.

Exclusive Content

Allow fans to unlock special content with the Uncover feature.

Audio and Video Calls

Get rewarded with tips and gifts for personalized audio and video calls.



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“From prepping to dinning, share your visual eats”



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“Start chatting, flirting and having fun”

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“Get crafty and creative without limits”



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Our non-stop content tags

Tagging Your Videos and Streams

Tags make it easier for potential fans to find you and your content. When you post with tags, your videos and streams appear on the feed of users already excited about the topics relevant to you. Using tags helps you join communities who share your interests and support your passions.

Recommended Tags

There are 28 recommended tags that cover nearly any topic, from DIY to Bizarre. We've created these tags to spark creativity and help you create a following in the most popular groups on TruffleLive. Check out their descriptions to see what cool ideas people are posting about.

Discover on TruffleLive

Watch and enjoy rich content tailored to your unique tatse and chat directly with your favorite talents.

Watch Awesome Content

Watch entertaining streams catered directly to your interests and the topics you care about.

Get to Know Your Favs

Talk it up with cool creators on group and 1-on-1 chats, audio, and video calls.

Share your Truffle Love

Support the creativity of your favorite talents with more than likes. Tip and gift them Truffles that can actually pay their bills!

Chat on TruffleLive

Go Beyond DMs

Show off your unique style with the most advanced messaging platform for friends and fans. Send texts, voice recordings, images, videos, gifts, tips, and so much more.

Get to Know Groups

Join and create exciting groups to discuss and learn about the topics that interest you most. Whether it’s technology, film, or even your favorite TruffleLive Talent, explore it all with your community.

Premium Chats

Subscribe to premium groups and chats on TruffleLive. Connect 1 on 1 to top creators and be among the first to gain access to exclusive content.

Meet on TruffleLive

Searching is Simple

Use Trufflelive’s people tab to find talents to follow, professionals to hire, or just someone to talk to.

See Who’s Around You

Location-based feed lets you find out who’s around you, and what they are like.

Let the World See You

Create a stunning profile, capture the attention of potential fans, and make new friends!

Share on trufflelive

Make money discovering and sharing amazing content through the TruffleCash Program!

The Power of Sharing

When you share content from TruffleLive, your link is an automatic referral to earn a lifetime commission from anyone who joins and becomes a talent. This means that sharing content from TruffleLive puts money in your pocket, so share freely and often!

An Agent of Fame

Bring talented people into TruffleLive. They can be friends, acquaintances, clients, employees or even complete strangers – anyone who can benefit from a public stage. You’ll receive a commission every time they withdraw their earnings.

Win-Win All Around

Rewards and commissions cost the talents nothing but can mean all the difference to you. Make money by sharing the content you love because literally everybody wins! Who knows how far your link will go.